Put your Health to the Text! 

Have you approached your health and wellness in a fairly traditional manner? What does it mean to walk on the digital side as far as your health is concerned, blaze new avenues to get you to peak wellness? Let’s consider some possible opportunities to reach outside your comfort zone, use new technologies, and explore what advances in the healthcare arena can propel us forward. Living in the digital age provides exciting applications we can use to be healthier and more informed.


Use a Sneeze Alarm

Tracking daily pollen counts can empower allergy sufferers. If you know the pollen count is high, you can plan to minimize exposure. Use the World’s first Sneeze Alarm, have the pollen forecast delivered right to your door (phone that is). Depending on how high or low the current count is, you will awake to the sounds of sneezing. You will be able to distinguish what your allergy day will look like based on the number of the sneezes. The pollen count for the Clarityn Sneeze Alarm is provided by the University of Worchester. This is absolutely not a normal wake-up call but one that gets your allergy head on for the day. Find the application here: http://www.claritynallergy.co.uk/smartphone-landing..

Allergy Forecast Tool

Another great feature is the Clarityn Allergy Forecast Tool, this uses your smartphone’s camera and GPS feature to analyze the pollen count around you in wonderful animated 3D. The pollen forecast for the Claritin sneeze alarm is provided by the University of Worchester. Find the application here: http://www.claritynallergy.co.uk/smartphone-landing.

Improve Your Heart Health

Are you looking for new, innovative ways to improve your heart health? CardioSmart has launched a free, interactive tool called PREVENT. You will be sent health tips, advice and reminders to your cell phone. The content was developed by The American Academy of Cardiology. You will receive two messages a week during the six month program. Sign up here: http://www.cardiosmart.org/cardiosmarttxt.aspx

Smoking Cessation Program

Need some help with your smoking cessation program? CardioSmart has a free, interactive program called QUIT where you can receive text messages designed to help with your goals of smoking cessation. This is also available in Spanish. Sign up here: http://www.cardiosmart.org/cardiosmarttxt.aspx

SMOKEFREE Txt for Young Adults

SmokefreeTXT is a program that is designed to help young adults all over the United States quit smoking. The National Cancer Institute developed the content for the program. This is an opportunity to get text messages that are encouraging and offer advice and tips to help on your journey to give up smoking once and for all. Signing up is quick and easy: http://smokefree.gov/smokefreetxt/default.aspx

Take a walk on the digital side and see what an abundance of tools are available to help us reach our personal health goals. Put your health to the TEXT, use this as a means to encourage you on your journey to better health.