Becoming a Consultant is Great!

Opportunities for You - Become a Consultant

You are interested in becoming an ambassador for health and wellness.   Perhaps you are an RN who has worked in the hospital, and you are wondering if there is something more you can do and earn money.  You might be a dietician, a childbirth educator, a fitness instructor or wellness coach.  Perhaps you are a mom or dad that has a passion for healthy families and homes.   Choose to join our team and we guarantee you will  find a welcoming supportive environment in which to explore your options and embark on the path to a new experience.

As consumers assume greater responsibility for their health-related decisions we are a trusted source for all the products they need.  The products cross the life-span so there is a fabulous opportunity to accommodate many groups in regards to health and wellness.  As an independent consultant you have the family flexibility needed to schedule parties around your active life.   We will provide training to give you the foundation to understand all we have to offer for our customer base.

When to Show – The wonderful thing about our products is that health and wellness suits all occasions and all times of the year.   Our nurses are constantly scoping out the latest and greatest products for our teams.

Follow a dream of independence while helping others, feel welcome to call or send a request for more information by filling out the form below.  We are sending our start-up kits all over the country and would like to send one to you.

We'll work with you to build a custom starter kit designed just for you.

Opportunities for You - Host a Party

Your friends and family will appreciate the opportunity to share time together that is focused on health and wellness. The parties encourage a supportive, fun environment to discuss health topics and shop for any tools that could contribute to a healthier you! Fill out the contact form below and we can work together on arranging this.

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