Our Story

About Us

We are a company inspired by nurses, a profession whose field of knowledge is focused and dedicated to empowering health and wellness for all. Most of us at Nurses Know Health have spent entire careers championing the health needs of others, long before there was an internet.  Our intent is to provide nurse reviewed family health products that you can trust for high quality, reasonable prices, with in-home convenience obtained via our secure online store or through our growing network of direct sales consultants. Our Health@Home Party engagements bring you exceptionally personal service through friendly, trained independent consultants.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as the premier internet site for empowering consumers to easily locate and purchase quality products that will facilitate their journey to health and wellness.   We have created a modern business opportunity that is more lucrative and flexible than ever before.  Nurses Know Health is reinventing the work from home business opportunity by layering the ease of e-commerce and the power of networking to enable the success of our Health@Home Consultants. 

Our Mission

When it comes to health and wellness products for online consumers, one size does not fit all-in terms of gender, age, socio-economic status, ethnicity, health status or medical condition.  We are committed to providing fresh ideas, practical strategies and tools to empower you to become passionate, purpose filled adventurers as you step through to better health and wellness.

Our History

Founder and President Wendy MacDonald RN, BSN, MS, recognized that consumers are increasingly migrating online to self-manage their health and wellness.  She graduated from nursing school in 1987 and has been on her own journey as the mother of two active children.  Along the way she has worked for hospitals, colleges, insurance,  internet and health care supply companies.  This diverse background has allowed her and the multidisciplinary team at Nurses Know Health to have the knowledge base to provide the essential ingredients for health and wellness for all occasions.